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Danse Fit Life

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About Us

What is DanseFitLife?

Keep a smile on your face, while getting a solid overall workout promoting flexibility and body awareness, leaving you with a feeling of rejuvenation and confidence! The stage is yours!

Teaching Dance Fitness Classes for over 10 years, Teresa’s style combines many disciplines! Including, but not limited to:

  • Classical Ballet training
  • Latin and International dance moves derived from Zumba
  • Dynamic Stretch and Strength training
  • Sensual 'Eroteknique' style and Burlesque-Style dance fitness
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    Stretch + Flow

    Stretch and strengthen the body, flow through exercises to increase mobility, flexibility and improve posture! Feel energized and add a little spring to your step!

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    - New Session Coming Soon - -

    Curtain Call! Burlesque-Style Dance Series

    (this class is in the studio)

    Learn a sassy and sensual dance with a feather boa! Let your inner diva shine in this fun Burlesque-style dance class where you will learn a full routine, how to incorporate a feather boa, use a chair, and dance in heels! Shimmy and shake your way in this giggle-filled safe, non-judgemental environment where you can unveil your confidence and share encouragement among friends!

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    - New Session Coming Soon - -
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    Our Location

    West Island

    Dance H4L
    87B Brunswick Blvd
    Dollard-des-Ormeaux, QC
    H9G 2R2

    Our Location


    Studio Evedanz
    135 Bd Maple
    Chateauguay, QC
    J6J 3R1


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    Special Info FAQ's

    Where are classes held?
    Classes may be held in-person or on ZOOM. Please see class schedule for locations.
    Virtual Class Tips
    Please disable all other wireless devices for the strongest virtual class connection. Refresh the page if your screen freezes. If lag in music, leave then rejoin audio again.
    What do I need for class?
    • Stretch + Flow: This class is designed to do in bare feet, however, you may wear: dance sneakers, dance socks, or yoga socks with some grip to not slide all over the floor
    • A yoga mat / blanket is required for stretching and/or floor work
    • A chair for barre work
    • An exercise band may be required for some classes
    • Danse Series: Comfortable, flexible sneakers for the workout portion of the class are recommended.
    • A yoga mat or blanket for floor work.
    • Heels are not required, but sometimes we may feel like wearing them for the danse choreography! This class is for you, do what makes you feel comfortable and sexy!
    • Zumba: Dance sneakers, a small towel, a water bottle and a smile :)
    Who can take your Danse Series classes?
    Any diva searching for a time to let loose after a busy day or just to have a fun personal experience in a non-judgemental environment among friends!
    Do you do parties and offer group rates or packages?
    Yes! Please contact me for more info.

    Testimonials What Clients say

    Marc, Lizzie and I just attended Teresa Estrada‘s Saturday morning stretch class! (We even had our two grandchildren onboard!) Teresa, you are really good at that! Even online it was engaging and a challenge without being too difficult for some of us that haven’t moved like that in years! I would highly recommend her class…It is affordable and our day has been so much more energetic!!! Looking forward to next Saturday! Thanks again Teresa!

    Lise & Marc

    This is the second session of Sensual Tone & Flow that I am taking with Teresa and it was one of my favorite dance classes of all time! I highly recommend it. What an amazing format Teresa has developed! From the warm up, choreography, and the stretch, it's all amazing. If anyone is looking for an awesome way to spend their evenings, then check it out because I guarantee you will LOVE it!


    I used to live in Montréal and took this class a while back. Now living in Ottawa and able to do it virtually. Looking forward to it and seeing some familiar faces. One of the best classes I’ve taken!


    Took 4 courses with Teresa, I really enjoyed it, and I want to continue for sure! Teresa's doing a great job so I'm in good hands cause she learned from Danse-Eroteknique!


    Hi Teresa...Just wanted to say thanks for the great lesson on saturday... the girls really loved it & we had a blast!! Teresa, you're a great teacher.. what a fun idea for a bachelorette party!! Maybe we'll see you for another party in the future!!


    Because of your classes, I started to dance in my 50's and it not only brought me immense joy but it empowered me. Thank you, Teresa, for the gift of danse!


    Hi Teresa, I was so glad to hear the dance culture of sensual dance (Eroteknique) will continue. I was really having a hard time, with the idea that there would be no more...Congratulations Teresa! In the future I would love to assist the new generation of leadership and classes. Be in touch soon!


    Wow Teresa, what great pictures of you..I like to congratulate you on your new venture and wish you all the best for your future and I'm sure you will have great success! Looking forward to your classes!